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Creativity Coaching with Kimba

I LOVE helping people find joy, direction and purpose. I CREATED the Creative Play Way coaching program which combines coaching, positivity and creative arts. Through my program I have helped a lot of people CREATE art, books, businesses, wellness, joy, life purpose, better relationships and new jobs. Creativity isn't just for kids! We can still use our creative super powers as adults. We can go deeper and dream bigger when we come from a place of creativity, joy and play. We can go deeper and dream bigger when we come from a place of joy and play.


Creativity Coaching with Kimba Livesay

My creativity coaching program offers a unique approach to working on YOUR dream, projects and goals. The program is designed for creatives, entrepreneurs, people who want momentum and joy seekers. 

Creativity Coaching Options


Creative Play Way Classes and Workshops

Creative Play Way groups combine coaching, education and creative expression into a fun and relaxing environment. Play Groups focus on creative principles to help solve problems, gain clarity and live with purpose.

Current Play Groups


Creative Play Way Resources for Creativity

The Creative Play Way program is grounded in creativity coaching, play, spirituality, joy and positivity. It’s a magical mix designed to help you find direction, joy and purpose. The resource section has ideas, tools and activities.

Creative Resources

Coach Kimba

Kimba Livesay, Creativity CoachI am a creativity coach that helps people live the good life by connecting with their joy, becoming more creative, discovering purpose and increasing momentum to reach personal goals. I created the Creative Play Way to give adults permission to PLAY with color, images, words, sound and music. It is a diverse program that encourages personal growth through coaching and expressive arts. It is a unique way to find solutions to challenges, face change and pursue self-discovery. If you would like to experience this creative process for yourself then schedule an exploratory session.

Creative Journey

Creativity Coach Kimba

Kimba was a superstar while serving as a coach for AARP's Life Reimagined, providing excellent coaching services to our clients. They loved her enthusiasm and creativity.  Colin Callahan, Director

Creative Play Way

1Gives you permission to create and explore through expressive arts.

2Gain clarity by exploring and playing with possibilities.

3Creativity coaching sessions and play groups provide relaxing environment.

4Experience joy, momentum and purpose in creative principles.

5You do NOT have to be an artist to participate!  Just open to the process.

3 Ways to Participate in Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching for Artist, Writers and Other Creatives

Time to work on your creative callingDo you need help staying motivated with your creative work? Do you find yourself unsure about your next steps? Feeling kind of cranky? I am an artist and a writer, and I understand the creative process. I will incubate a create idea for days, experience joyous Aha moments on how to make it work only to get stuck during the actual process of creating. Does that sound familiar? I have two coaching packages that can help you find the JOY of your creative process: Start your Creative Dream and Creative Play Way Fuel. These packages include a fancy questionnaire, individual coaching sessions, E-mail support and Creative Play Way coaching activities. If these packages don’t meet your creative needs, we will develop a package that works for you!

Creative Life Coaching for Joy Seekers

Creative Life CoachingCreativity is not a secret super power that only a few brave souls possess. Every day we all create new and meaningful ideas at work, school and home. Every time you say, “here’s a thought” you are playing with a possibility. The more possibilities the more creative the outcome. So, why not bring creativity into your life  to solve problems and challenges for positive change? Creative Life coaching helps you become more creative, play with all the possibilities and find solutions that bring you joy. You can schedule individual coaching sessions, or we can create a coaching package based on your needs. Sign up today for an Exploratory Coaching session and together let's create action plans, joyful goals and momentum.

Expressive Arts Coaching for Empowerment, healing and self-discovery

Expressive Arts CoachingI believe that Expressive Arts is a powerful healing tool for the mind, body and Spirit. I have witnessed clients heal their lives through song, art, dance and drama. The final product didn’t matter because it was the creative process that provided empowerment, healing and self-discovery. It really is a magical process.  I offer an Expressive Arts coaching package that can help you begin to empower, heal and discovery your life purpose. The package includes a questionnaire, individual coaching sessions, E-mail support and an expressive arts project. Please note that my program is NOT therapy but can be very therapeutic and help you gain clarity, direction and joy.

Creative Play Way Videos

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