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Welcome to the Creative Play Way 

Give Yourself Permission*Play with Possibilities*Take Small Steps*Reach Your Creative Goals

Time to Start

Time to work on your creative dreams

Is it time to start your creative dream?  Maybe you want to paint, write, dance, act or some other creative expression.  Where do you start?  I help women figure out how to start working on their creative dreams.

Let's Get Started

Creative Fuel

Creative fuel for your creative work

Creative people need creative fuel to drive their creativity!  Maybe you are starting a creative project or are stuck in the process.  I help women transport back into their creative flow with Creative Play fuel.

Fuel Up on Creativity


Market and sale your creative work

Would you like to be open for business?  Are you thinking about marketing your creative work? I help women market and sell their creative work in a way that resonates with joy, strengths and values.

Create Your Business

About Kimba

Kimba Livesay, Creativity CoachI love creative expression and that is my creative calling.  I love the creative process of taking a blank space and filling that space with creative expression that is beautiful and meaningful.  I created the Creative Play Way coaching model to help women joyfully explore, embrace and grow their own unique creative calling. Visit Creativity Coach Kimba to learn more about me and The Creative Play Way.

Creative Discovery

Creativity Coach Kimba

If you can imagine it, you can create it.  Let's work together.

The Creative Play Way

Schedule an Exploratory Creativity Coaching Session.


1I am an artist and coach.  I understand the creative spirit and how the creativity works.

2I can help you embrace yourself as an artist and develop a thriving attitude for your work.

3Creativity Coaching sessions are warm, caring and supportive of you and your creative journey.

Creativity Coaching for You

  • What is the Creative Play Way?

    Creative Play Way Creativity CoachingI developed the Creative Play Way Coaching Model because I believe we do our best work in an environment that is positive, uplifting, playful and creative.  Being Creative is our inheritance.  I am confident that we all have the ability to create ideas that are meaningful to our calling.  The gift of Play creates joy and helps us open to all of our possibilities.  Coaching is about exploring new connections that inspires us to move towards our creative goals.

  • Creative Play Way Coaching Sessions

    Creativity Coaching SessionsCreative Play Way Creativity Coaching sessions include phone calls, Skype or Google Hangout for Play Dates, e-mails, text, insightful creativity coaching tools, self-discovery worksheets and assessments, Kaleido Journaling, videos aromatherapy and music.  I will guide you through the process and you pick and choose which coaching activities would be most helpful to youSchedule an Exploratory session to experience the Creative Play Way.

  • Creative Play Way Groups

    Creativity Coaching GroupCreative Play Way Groups for women offers a fusion of creativity coaching, mentoring, education, art journaling and like-minded playmates.  The creativity coaching groups are designed to help women connect with their creativity and playfulness to cultivate their creative dreams.  Play groups offer a positive and supportive environment for new connections and creative growth.

    Creativity is Magic

    Creativity Coaching is MagicThe Author Anne Kent Rush said, Creativity is really the structuring of magic and I could not agree more because when you are in the creative flow it feels like magic. Creative flow is a joyful state of creativity in which you perform your creative work fully immersed, involved, energized and focused.  In other words it is magical. If you would like to get into your creative flow schedule an Exploratory session and let's explore the magic of you.

Creative Play Way Videos

Introduction to The Creative Play Way Video Creative Play Way Tools Video Who I work with as a creativity coach

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