Creative Life Map Playshop

Creative Life Map Workshop

3 Hour Online Creative Playshop ~ Creativity Coaching  ~ One Cool Art Project

In this creative playshop you will discover the meaning of your purpose by focusing on your gifts, passions, impact on others and personal values. We will make a creative life map to gain insights and awareness from our past, present and the future we want to create. You will learn how to use three coaching principles: Reflect, Explore and Connect to make your life map come to life!

In This 3 Hour Creative Playshop We Will...

Pre-Playshop, I will e-mail you a link to a survey that will help you create awareness about your strengths.  Your strengths are your gifts.

First Video Chat (May 10, 2018) we will discuss insights from the survey and explore our gifts, passions, impact on others and personal values. From this we will create a personal mission statement that reflects our authentic self.  Once we have our mission statements, we will discuss how to weave them into your life map.

In-between you will create your life map. You do not need to know how to "draw" or be "artistic" to create your map.  If you can draw a line, circle, square and stick person then you have all the skills you need.  I will be available by e-mail if you need help.

Second Video Chat (May 17, 2018) we will share our creative life maps and discuss insights. I will teach you three coaching principles: Reflect, Explore and Connect and how to use them with your life map. When you are finished with the playshop you will have a cool life map and a better understanding of how you use your gifts, passions, impact and values.

More Deets!!!

  1. The playshop is May 10th and 17th from 11:00am-12:30pm PST and is split into two ninety-minute sessions.
  2. We will meet video chat.  A couple of days before the playshop you will receive an email with instructions.
  3. You will need a 12x9 piece of paper (larger if you prefer), a pencil, colored pencils and markers.
  4. Questions?  E-mail me at

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Registration is $59 for both 90 minute sessions!

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