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Creative Play at Work offers organizations a chance to explore creative concepts and apply them to team building, customer service and organizational growth. My services are presented in a fun, relaxing and playful environment to cultivate learning, exploration and growth.

Coaching & Facilitation

Life ReimaginedI had the opportunity to provide coaching services for AARP’s Life Reimagined program. Program Director, Colin Callahan said "Kimba was a superstar while serving as a coach for Life Reimagined, providing excellent coaching services to our clients. She received client satisfaction ratings of over 95%. They loved her enthusiasm and creativity. Kimba also actively worked with me to improve the Life Reimagined service portfolio and client experience. I found her insight invaluable for the coaching operations. Kimba's enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious and help clients achieve effective results.


State of California training programs created by kimba livesayThe California Department of Aging had this to say about my training programs and workshops. "Kimba Livesay is blessed with a creative strength that encourages the flow of new ideas and approaches.  This creativity, when combined with her extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment, creates a force that moves programs and innovations forward."


The Power of Your workshop for AARP West RegionCreative Play Way Presentations are a fun way to energize and build teams. The Power of You is a presentation that offers tools and resources dedicated to focusing on individual and team strengths.  I had the opportunity to present The Power of You for  AARP’s West Region team.  Regional Manager, Mark Chapman said "Kimba's presentation was competent, highly engaging and fun."

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