Creative Play Way Coaching

I LOVE creativity and I am passionate about helping others grow their creative dreams and talents. I am a creativity coach who works with a variety of women who express their authentic creativity in a myriad of ways. Explore one-on-one creativity coaching, creative play groups, how to get started with your creative dream, creative fuel and creative entrepreneurs.  Sessions are conduction by phone or video chat.

One on One coaching

Personal one on one creativity coaching

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One on One creativity coaching sessions consist of conversations, exploration, resources and coaching tools that help you create personal awareness and doable action plans. Coaching sessions with me are relaxed, warm, uplifting and energetic.

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play groups

Play Groups for Creativity

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Creative Play groups are designed to help women connect with their creativity and playfulness to cultivate their creative dreams. Play groups offer a positive and supportive learning environment for new connections and creative growth.

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Creative Play At Work

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The Creative Play at Work offers organizations the opportunity to improve their teams. I offer fun and innovative team meetings, creative team building exercises, small group facilitation, creativity workshops, presentations and creativity retreats.

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Time to start Package

Time to Start Your Creative Dream

Getting Started

Do you have a creative dream?  Maybe you want to paint, write, dance, act, sing or some other creative expression. You haven’t started because you don't know how or feel overwhelmed or afraid?  It’s time to start. Let me help you.

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creative fuel Package

Fuel for Creativity

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Having trouble focusing on your creative work?  Are you feeling stuck or blocked in your creative process?  Are you cranky because you aren’t creating?  Fill up on Creative Play Way Fuel to move forward in your creative process. Let's get going!

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Entrepreneur Package

The Creative Entrepreneur for Women

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Are you going on a creative business adventure?  Don’t go it alone! There are a lot of pieces to opening a creative business from inventory to marketing! I help women create a business that resonates with their joy, strengths and values.

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Expressive Arts Coaching

Expressive Arts CoachingI help women use expressive arts for self-discovery, healing, finding clarity, exploring purpose and reaching goals. Expressive arts coaching is a creative tool that can create positive change in your life. You DO NOT need to be an artist, writer, musician, dancer or actor to participate in expressive arts. Expressive arts include:

Painting, Drawing, Collage, Clay Sculpting, Art Journaling, Mandalas, Photography, Dream Work 
Poetry, Journaling, Memoir, Creative Writing 
Drumming, Singing, Listening, Song Writing, Healing Music 
Dancing, Breath Work, Stretch, Meditative Walking 
Storytelling, Script Writing, Acting, Movies

You pick and choose which expressive arts you would like to explore.  Together we design a program just for you. If you are not sure where to start, that’s ok!  We will figure it our together. The first step is to schedule an Exploratory Coaching Session.

Working with Kimba

Kimba Livesay, Certified Creativity CoachI have a passion for helping women work toward their creative goals and dreams. I am an experienced certified life & creativity coach.  I have a strong background in management, program development, business startup, training, marketing, wellness, life skills and expressive arts. Check out client reviews>

My clients will tell you that I offer them a lot of value.  Each week I offer clients creativity coaching sessions, e-mails, text, coaching tools, assessments and resources.  I don’t ask clients to sign any long-term commitment contracts.  Schedule an Exploratory Creativity Coaching Session and experience the Creative Play Way for yourself.