Creative Play Way Fuel

Creative Play Way Fuel for Your Creativity

Creative Play Way Fuel

Life Shrinks or expands according to one's courage.  --Anais Nin

All creative women need creative fuel.  It’s that magical flow that motivates and inspires each of us to bring our creativity into the world. Without creative fuel our creativity is stranded in the middle of nowhere and that's no fun. It is vital to our creative Spirit that we refuel often! What's fantastic is that creative fuel comes in many different colors, forms and flavors and is unique for each of us.

The Creative Play Way uses fun tools, assessments and resources to help you tap into your creative fuel. The Creative Play Way tools and resources include gratitude, self-compassion, the mind, body, spirit connection, play dates and field trips. If you feel like your creative tank is running on empty, then I invite you to explore this program and refuel your creative tank!

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