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Resources for Creativity

Welcome to Creative Play Way Resouces!  Here you will find tools, activities and aritlces that can help you grow your creativity.  Join me on Facebook for musings, videos and photos AND subscribe to the Creative Play Way Blog for even more ideas!

Three Good Things Video

Three Good Things is an amazing tool.  It really did help me focus on the good things in my life.  I Love, Love, Love it. --Anne

Three Good Things Coaching Tool Free Creative Play Way Activity

Three Good Things is about creating more awareness and cultivating happiness. This coaching activity doesn’t take a lot of time but can change the way you think. This step-by-step video will show you how to create awareness, reflection and journal your experience.   Join the Creative Play Way tribe and get started today! 

Creativity Coaching Activities

The Creative Play Way encourages you to PLAY with ideas and possibilities.  Coaching Activities invite us to DO just that!  Click on the links below for PDF worksheets.


Free Guided MeditationsUCLA Health offers FREE guided meditations!  Mindful mediations include breathing exercises, working wit difficulties, kindness and several different body scans.

Creative Play Muses

Creative Play MusesJoin the Creative Play Muses on Facebook!  This group is dedicated to the Spirit of Creativity and Self-Expression as we explore our stories.


Creative Play Way YouTubeThe Creative Play Way YouTube channel offers information on creativity coaching, positive journaling ideas, art projects and more.