Creativity Coaching for Writers

Creative writing is a magical process that requires passion, imagination, creativity and dedication. As an experienced creativity coach, I help women write. I don’t tell you what to write or how to write, that's up to you. I do help you set doable writing goals, stay on track and finish your creative writing project.  I offer creativity coaching tools that address fear, chaos, perfectionism, procrastination, negative self-talk, overwhelm and being stuck in the writing process. I share writing resources, creative fuel, gentle accountability and positive ways to think about your creative writing process.  My job is to support YOU and your creative writing.

Creativity Coach, Kimba

Kimba Combines professionalism, insight and fun into a coaching program that will redefine your life.  And you will have a good time getting there.  --Bonnie

Creativity Coaching for WritersAs a teenager, I started writing poetry and articles for my high school newspaper. At the University of Montevallo, I was on the newspaper staff and wrote poetry for the literary magazine. One of my proudest moments was when a play I had written was produced for homecoming at the University of Montevallo. Over the years, I have lead countless writing groups, written poems, short stories and for 20 years was a paid writer for a national magazine.  I am a current member of the California Writing Club.  Currently, I am working on a mystery novel and loving every minute of it. I am a writer who helps women write.  I can help you start your writing project, work through the process and FINISH your project.

Who I Work With

I work with creative writers who...

  • Need a little courage to start writing
  • Feel overwhelmed and need small steps to move forward
  • Are STUCK and need a little creative fuel
  • Procrastinate but really WANT to get started
  • Are paralyzed by perfectionism and can't write
  • Need encouragement to stay positive, motivated and focused
  • Need a structured writing plan for accountability

Schedule Exploratory Session

Creativity Coaching for WritersIt's easy to get started working with me!  Schedule a 30 Minute Exploratory coaching session so we can talk about your writing project and your goals. If we decide to work together, you can schedule one on one creativity coaching sessions or a four week coaching package.  Coaching packages save money and offer more coaching tools and resources.

Writing Plan

Direction for Creative WritersI’m 60 years old and finally decided to take action on my dream of writing advice articles for magazines.  Kimba helped me create a writing plan that I know I can actually do! --Kate


Motivation for creative writersI have worked with Kimba for two years. The first thing that will grab you is her enthusiasm. She really seems to love people and has such a playful, eager nature. It's very motivating! --Susan

Playful and Fun

playful and fun creativity coaching for writersKimba's coaching style is gentle but no nonsense. Her creativity coaching techniques are creative, playful and fun. If you are looking for a creativity coach, then I recommend Kimba. --Anne Marie