Creative Play Way Expressive Arts Coaching

I help women use expressive arts for well-being, self-discovery, finding clarity, exploring life purpose and reaching goals. It's a magical and fun way to process what you want and need.  You DO NOT need to be an artist to benefit from expressive arts.  Expressive arts include but are not limited to...

Visual Arts  Painting, Drawing, Collage, Clay Sculpting, Art Journaling, Mandalas, Photography, Dream Work 
Writing  Poetry, Journaling, Memoir, Creative Writing 
Music  Drumming, Singing, Listening, Song Writing, Healing Music 
Movement  Dancing, Breath Work, Stretch, Meditative Walking 
Drama  Storytelling, Script Writing, Acting, Movies

Why Expressive Arts Coaching?

Expressive Arts coaching is a magical mix of self-discovery with a dash of creativity.  The goal is deep self-awareness that reflects our true and authentic self.

The Creative Play Way Expressive Arts CoachingIn college, I studied theatre, English and art. After I graduated I worked as a recreational director with elders living in long-term care communities. It was my twenty-one years working as a recreation therapist and consultant that I learned the value and healing power of expressive arts.  I would watch the magic of creativity unfold.  Women riddled with health issues would allow themselves to sing, paint, dance and create.  As they participated in expressive arts their pain and problems were lessened.  Expressing our creativity the power to help us tune in and heal our mind, body and Spirit.  In my late 30's, I had my own health challenge.  It was an art journal that helped me piece back togeher my own mind, body and Spirit.  The journal was nothing fancy and consisted of stick figures that told my story.  But the process of working with color, lines and a few words helped me discover what I needed to know to move forward and re-establish my life.  Expressive arts is a creative tool that helps us gain clarity, insights, self-awareness, self-discovery, personal growth and more!


Who I Work With

The Creative Play Way Expressive Arts coaching program is designed to help women from different backgrounds explore creative expression.  The program meets you where you are.  It is not about a finished product but exploring the creative process. Schedule an Exploratory Coaching Session to see if this is the right coaching program for you. Please note what I offer is NOT therapy.

Eney, Meeny, Miny, Moe

Visual arts, writing, music, movement and drama offer a lot of creative choices!  You pick and choose which expressive arts you would like to explore.  Together we design a program just for you. If you are not sure where to start, that’s ok!  We will figure it our together. The first step is to schedule an Exploratory Coaching Session and look at the Exressive Arts Coaching Package.

The Gallery

Creative Play Way Expressive Arts GallerySee what others have created!  The Creative Play Way Gallery showcases three of the Creative Play Way coaching tools: Strengths Self-Portrait, Gratitude Spiral and the Body Compass tool.  Creative Play Way tools are based in positive psychology, Spirituality and coaching principles.

Play Groups

Expressive arts group coachingCreative Play Way groups are designed to help women connect with their creativity and playfulness for personal growth and self-discovery.  Play groups offer a positive and supportive environment to PLAY with expressive arts, make new connection and friends. I offer a variety of coaching groups through out the year.  Current Play Groups

Client Reviews 

kimba livesay expressive arts coachingKimba turns creativity on its edge, accessing unique mediums to bring out your creativity. She helps you discover your creative gifts as a tool for wellbeing. I for one have been opened to the gift of creativity as a form of self-expression and insightful by working with Kimba. --Julie  Read More Reviews