What is a Creativity Coach?

A creativity coach is someone who works with clients that want to focus on their creative work.  As a creativity coach, that is generally how I work with clients.  However, it’s not always about creativity or the creative process.  Sometimes life spills over into our creative work and that’s when life coaching and creativity coaching merge together in a session.  For example, I had a client who wanted to work on her novel for one hour each day.  What stopped her from writing every day was working as a school teacher and family obligations.  Together we brainstormed creative solutions and developed a daily writing plan that worked!  I know it is a benefit to my clients that I am a certified creativity coach and an ICF certified life coach.  Watch a short video about the Creative Play Way.

What is The Creative Play Way?

Kimba Combines professionalism, insight and fun into a coaching program that will redefine your life.  And you will have a good time getting there.  --Bonnie

The Creative Play Way for Creativity CoachingSince 2007 I have participated in three different coaching schools.  I am grateful for these learning opportunities but in each coaching course I wondered why coaching was just about a coaching conversation.  I know that for me when I add activities and tools that are positive and creative I can go deeper into self-awareness.  I also know that when I take a playful approach I can relax, laugh and ease into my creative work.  So, I developed the Creative Play Way coaching model.  It is a creativity coaching experience that engages the senses.  The Creative Play Way combines connection, conversation, playful but insightful coaching tools, art journaling, aromatherapy and music.  We focus on your strengths and how they empower your creative dream.   

Who I Work With

I work with creative women who want support moving forward with their creative dreams. Beginning artist and professional artist can find value in the Creative Play Way coaching program. I offer an Exploratory Coaching Session to meet with potential clients. This session allows us the opportunity to see if we are a good coaching match.

It's Magic

The magic of technology allows anyone in the United States to participate in a Creative Play Way coaching session. Creativity coaching sessions are connected by phone calls and play dates by video conferencing. Coaching tools and resources are delivered by YouTube and e-mails.

Creative & Playful

Kimba offers Creativity Coaching that is fun and playful.Kimba's coaching style is gentle but no nonsense. Her creativity coaching techniques are creative, playful and fun. If you are looking for a creativity coach then I recommend Kimba.  --Anne Marie


Kimba offers Creativity Coaching that is motivating.I worked with Kimba for over two years. The first thing that will grab you is her enthusiasm. She really seems to love people and has such a playful, eager nature. It's very motivating!  --Susan


Kimba offers Creativity Coaching that gives directionKimba's methods of "playing" results in real life solutions and creative new directions for people who hear the beat of a different drummer.  Kimba can help you find direction. --Sooz