What is a Creativity Coach?

A creativity coach is someone who focuses on creativity. They should understand the creative process and how that process works for individuals who are participating in the creative arts, creative dreams, creative life coaching and creativity for businesses. Even if you don’t think you are creative, working with a creativity coach maybe able to help you. Here are some ways creativity coaches can help you.

It is easy to get stuck in a rut and feel stuck. A good creativity coach can help you gain new insights by helping you break patterns and habits. The creative process can bring innovative ideas and perspectives.

Generally, all coaches help you connect the dots. A creativity coach can help you color those dots and make new connections. Creativity really is about ALL the possibilities.

Creativity coaches understand that the creative process works when we are NOT engaging in our art work, business or seeking solutions. So, don’t be surprised if a creativity coach encourages you to take more naps, practice yoga or take a cooking class. It might seem counter intuitive, but we understand the value in taking a break and trying something new.

Creativity coaches will try their best to help you discover and build your creative muscle. In my practice, I encourage art journaling and creative writing. I have a whole coaching program called the Creative Play Way. This program focuses on connecting with your creative side for joy, creativity, direction and building momentum. It works.

Creativity coaches LISTEN to what you want to change. Sometimes, just talking to someone helps you find direction.

If you decide you want to work with a creativity coach, do some research. You want a certified creativity coach and you want someone who is creative.

What is The Creative Play Way?

Kimba Combines professionalism, insight and fun into a coaching program that will redefine your life.  And you will have a good time getting there.  --Bonnie

The Creative Play Way for Creativity CoachingI began developing the Creative Play Way coaching program in 2007.  The program combines coaching, creative expression and positive psychology to help people make build momentum and reach their goals.  Since that time I have provided over 850 individual coaching sessions and over 50 group coaching classes. The Creative Play Way program offers a unique approach to working though major projects, challenges or personal issues. Creative coaching is excellent choice for creatives, entrepreneurs, people who want more momentum and joy seekers.


How to Work with Kimba

I offer 1-1 individual coaching sessions for those who need help with creative projects, work projects or challenges.  If you want to experience the Creative Play way, then schedule an Exploratory Coaching Session. I also offer group coaching activities and resources.


It's Like Magic

The magic of technology allows anyone in the United States to participate in a Creative Play Way coaching session. Creativity coaching sessions are conducted by phone calls and play dates by video conferencing. Coaching tools and resources are delivered by YouTube and e-mails.

Creative & Playful

Kimba offers Creativity Coaching that is fun and playful.Kimba's coaching style is gentle but no nonsense. Her creativity coaching techniques are creative, playful and fun. If you are looking for a creativity coach then I recommend Kimba.  --Anne Marie


Kimba offers Creativity Coaching that is motivating.I worked with Kimba for over two years. The first thing that will grab you is her enthusiasm. She really seems to love people and has such a playful, eager nature. It's very motivating!  --Susan


Kimba offers Creativity Coaching that gives directionKimba's methods of "playing" results in real life solutions and creative new directions for people who hear the beat of a different drummer.  Kimba can help you find direction. --Sooz